Traveling Stanzas


After "Little lady of Flores forces rethink of human evolution" BY Rex Dalton
Not Over Yet Riley Fitzgerald Article
After "The Chosen Ones: LeBron and Akron" BY David Giffels
August 1982 Ben Brazil Article
After "We Should All Be Feminists" BY Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Women Tiffany K Elliott Book
After "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" BY Rebecca Skloot
What Makes You You Lauren Book
After "The Epidemic as Stigma: The Bioethics of Opioids" BY Buchman, Leece, and Orkin
Define Sam Article
After "We Call BS" BY Emma Gonzalez
Help Those In Need Cynthia Almodovar Speech
After "We Call BS" BY Emma Gonzalez
Our Say Bailey Smith Speech
After "Between Sinew and Spirit: Are You a Body with a Mind or a Mi..." BY Maria Popova
How The Body Acts Laura Waltje Article
After "Hunger: A Memoir Of (My) Body" BY Roxane Gay
Friends Explain Why Diana R Book